Hey all of you awesome loyal readers, we hope you had an outstanding Thanksgiving and are at hone just relaxing today. For this post we are going to tell you about a great site that posts reviews on almost everything Vape related. This includes Sub Ohm Tanks, RDA’s RBA’s, Mods, Mech Mods, e Juice, and Accessories. They have been doing this for awhile now and really know how to get it done. They specifically do not accept anything for free from Manufactures or Stores so that there reviews will always be truthful and not obligated to alter it in any way. We believe that all of the people who have been doing reviews lately should start this, but in reality we know that will never happen. Specifically because that is probably the only reason hey started doing it. About a month or so ago they wrote a Arctic Tank Review that was the best of the best when it comes to reviews. If you happen to visit their site today or over the weekend you will probably only see 1 review there because they are in the process of designing the site again and they took pretty much all of their content off for the time being. They should probably be back by next Friday so keep checking back to see. We have been following them for about a year now and every review they write is spot on. They write in detail and always do thorough testing before posting anything to their site. They are only doing the post for one reason and one reason only, to help people who Vape buy the right stuff and so they do not waste money on a product that is sub par or just garbage. And since they do not take anything for free from companies to write the reviews we know that they are not influenced by anyone to make stuff up or told to write positive things then they are not true.

The site and company we have been talking about today is called The Best Vape and you can check out their site by clicking on the link in the previous paragraph or by going to their homepage. Like we said, there is not much to see now, they do have the Arctic Sub Ohm Tank Review there and live but I think that is it for now. If there is one thing to take out of this post today it is that if you are going to read or watch reviews before making a purchase, then you should definitely check this site out to do that. You know before hand that everything you read will be completely honest and no bs, and that you can trust them with whatever they say. So if you are going to be making lots of online purchases this holiday season we highly recommend using their site as a guide for what to buy and what not to buy. Ok everyone that is it I think, have a great holiday and weekend and remember to always be safe.