Good morning, today we are doing just a short post for you guys and girls. The main purpose of this is to give this great company some recognition that it definitely deserves. The topic is bathtub refinishing, yes I know it’s not that exciting. If any of you are looking for the best Fort Lauderdale Bathtub Refinishing Company that keep reading this blog post. This awesome company really helped us out of a jam recently. We have a few investment properties and there is usually only one issue that we have, the bathtubs are always in bad condition. Now instead of knocking money off of the sale price we decided to do something about that. We went on a search for the best tub refinishing company around and we found the right people for the job. There is a company based out of Coral Springs that does some excellent work. This company was also recommended to us by a couple of different people, but we had to find them on out own. Once we did we gave them a call and ended up talking to the owner for about an hour. We came to an agreement which included them fixing up all of the bathtubs in all of our properties for a very low and affordable price. When it came down to them doing the work they absolutely lived up to their name, and then some. They did an excellent job on every tub, they fixed every crack, scratch, faded area, and literally everything that was wrong with the bathtubs was fixed perfectly. There is not one thing bad or wrong about the job they did at all. Every tub looks like it is brand new right from the store or warehouse. This completely solved all of our issues with having to lower the sale price, it actually allowed us to up or price because of how good the tub s now looked. We now use this company for any issues we have that has to do with refinishing or resurfacing.

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